The new movie Taught To Hate is “based” on the hate-crime murders of Marcelo Lucero and Jose Sucuzhanay. Or is it? The director is quoted as saying:

Director James Garcia Sotomayor reveals,”This film is about Hispanic day workers who are harassed by white teens who, filled with the hatred taught to them by their families, perceive the day workers to be a threat to their livelihood. I believe that my humble upbringing in Ecuador gives me a unique perspective on this issue.

Were only White teens really involved in these murders as the director claims? Not according to the following New York Times report which clearly states:

Six of the teenagers are white, and one has a black mother and a Puerto Rican father.

The following video shows Jose Pacheco, Anthony Hartford, Jordan Dash and Christopher Overton. Pacheco is called “Hispanic” in the report, but he is clearly part Black.

So why does the trailer and interviews show no Black actor?

Now let’s watch a report about the murder of Jose Sucuzhanay.

Did you notice both of his killers are Black? So if you’re going to make a movie based on these murders, shouldn’t at least one actor be Black so that it resembles what actually happened?

Recently, a Mexican was brutally beaten by some racist Blacks.

As you just saw, they didn’t get hate-crimes charges even though the attack was caught on tape. The only reason that happened is because people have been brainwashed by movies like Taught To Hate into believing only White people can be racist. The idea that some Black people are racist is absurd to some people. Even when witnessing it, they can’t understand what they’re seeing.

Another Latino on Long Island Fernando Ugas Moreno was savagely beaten by racist Blacks who didn’t get hate-crime charges.

The director of Taught To Hate is partially responsible for future Black on Latino attacks that don’t get hate-crimes charges.

The other problem with Taught To Hate is, at least in the trailer, there are no racist Latino characters. In the real world some Latinos are racist.

The Latino director portrays Latinos as being incapable of being racist. James Garcia Sotomayor seems to be completely out of touch with reality.

Acting like only White people commit hate crimes against other races leads to stuff like Beat Up A White Kid Day where Blacks self-righteously beat up White kids to get revenge for all racism that they are taught only White people are guilty of.

The movie Taught To Hate will most likely teach people to hate and resent White people.



  1. Angie Says:

    The director ignores all other hate crimes, in order to fuel, and to make an excuse for his normal human tendancy of hatred and prejudice. His though, being of whites, so it is excepted. I think it’s sick, considering how many whites are bullied and harassed on a daily basis, all around the world.

  2. nando pacheco Says:

    nando pacheco…

    […]TAUGHT TO HATE WHITE PEOPLE « UncookedVanilla's Blog[…]…

  3. peeches Says:


  4. rj Says:

    UncookedVanilla is full of shit.his shit is so biased and inaccurate,it’s pathetic.

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