After a Whte guy, David McKnight, was beaten by Blacks for listening to rap, WhiteIGNITERS called for Whites to boycott rap.

He didn’t get his wish. Not only are we not boycotting rap, we are now having rap shoved down our throats in country music with the song Stuck Like Glue. Pay attention at 2:25 in the following video where Jennifer Nettles, a White woman from Georgia, raps with a fake Jamaican accent.

White people never protest or boycott when we are the victims of hate crimes. As we see in the next video, a White guy on Long, Island, Joseph Frigenti, was beaten by a mob of 12-15 racist Blacks. Not only did we not protest, we are supposed to feel sorry for them.

Blacks would have rioted if Whites had gotten away with such an attack on a Black person.

In the next video we see a White man, Brian Milligan, was beaten nearly to death by Blacks for dating a Black woman.

Country music, which is supposedly aimed at White people, never addresses racism against Whites, but always speaks out against racism from Whites. As we see in the following video at 3:35 Brad Paisley sings about a Black high school football player who has a cross burned on his front lawn for asking out a White girl.

Paisley expects us to stick our heads in the sand and act like only Blacks face racism in America.

As we see in the next video, a White woman was the victim of a hate crime in the south.

As we see in the next viedo, Black gangs often target Whites for beatings and robberies.

Country music is trying to brainwash Whites into believing Blacks don’t dare attack Whites for fear of being lynched by the KKK. Whites should boycott Brad Paisley and Sugerland, but we won’t. We never stand up for ourselves. In fact, Whites are going to call me racist for posting this blog.



  1. Andre D Davis Says:

    How can any black or brown individual, who is an American, be a true racist in America? This is a political arguement that has no substantial proof for is own arguement. What military might does the black population hold in America? Where is the economic control that black people possess in America? How much political control over policy making do black people, in America, have? Author, Andre’ D. Davis, In his new book, THE GOD DEFINED SELF (A LAYMAN’S PERPSECTIVE ON RACISM IN AMERICA), answers these questions & many more w/ his hope of compelling his white brothers & sisters to come to the table of brotherhood & be reconciled. Please, read this book, then share it w/ any of your friends & family members that seek to bring about reconciliation among the races in America. Thank you. Sincerely, Andre’

  2. Black Racist Says:

    You sound like a pathetic white person trying to get a bunch of havok stirred up. Blacks didnt riot after Sean Bell, the African immigrant was anal raped, nor any of the well over 5000 incidents of police brutality against blacks since Rodney King. So why are you trying to create a black people hav power attitude among whites and hispanics. Please don’t tell me its because the Jew servant with the white mom from Kansas is Washington. The same one who now rejects his old church. Lol u are a joke

  3. barabbaslove Says:

    Look manye.. Free frigging speech..

    You can say what you want.. You
    can frigging say seltzer water taste
    better than sprite.. I don’t give a
    rats toe nail if you prefer Pepsi over
    diet coke , but your hiding behind
    your youtube comment function is
    so girly…

    Go to my site and see how people
    diss me all the time.. I don’t
    sensor people unless they
    start to be vulgur…. You are
    not acting brave or mature
    at all.. Like you are afraid of
    rejection.. Do you need some
    tissue because you feel like
    crying if folks say things which
    hurt your feelings? I am not asking
    you to walk through Harlem at
    night to proof you are tuff or got
    balls… Damn…I am black and
    I some times have to watch my
    back in some ” Hoods ” so I can
    understand why some non black
    people are afraid, but you hiding
    behind the internet is very unbecoming
    of a man.. Deal with your issues of
    rejection before you become a
    father or get a girl friend..
    Women like men who are not
    afraid of rejection.. You remind me of
    how I was when I was younger.. .

    I let a few women get away from
    being marked off in my black book
    because I was afraid of rejection…

    Get a pair manye… So what if people
    don’t welcome your message… Its
    called life…

  4. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Sure, I will boycott rap. I do not want to get clobbered by a ‘youth’ gang.

  5. michael mailey Says:

    blacks have every right to be mad at you white people,you white people took rap and hip hop and turned it against us but you make like you people are not guilty-hip hop and rap did not have junk about sex,drugs and rock n’roll until you edomites put it in the music. also hip hop and rap are both dead,that is the whiteman’s version of hip hop,the first hip hop and rap was not that bad.Also you edomites take our jobs ship them overseas,and you edomites are also racist as well but try to hide it.

  6. American Says:

    Andre is obviously not well educated. Running the streets robbing and violently attacking people is not justifiable. If his mother is beat down by a Mexican and uses the same defense, he’ll still blame “whitey” because that’s what black racists do.

  7. evelyn nesbit Says:

    evelyn nesbit

    BOYCOTTING RAP AND COUNTRY | UncookedVanilla’s Blog

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