Pay attention at 3:00 in the following video where an Hispanic man makes the incredible statement: “Like the Whites used to think they were superior. Now it’s the Blacks that think they are more superior.”

Most people don’t want to talk about Black racism or even admit Blacks can be racist.

Most people would rather talk about White supremacy and act like Black people can only be the sympathetic victims of racism.



  1. peeches Says:

    THIS IS BULLSHIT… first off, blacks can nver be racist.. second, you only have 2 videos of hate crimes done by blacks, but throughout history whites have killed, beaten, raped, & enslaved blacks… just to name a few… the third video indicates racism on your part… so, stop with the lies… WHITES ARE SICK

  2. rama seeley Says:

    Blacks are just as racist as any other group,so stop the BS.

  3. peeches Says:

    that’s a lie… blacks can be prejudice and/or racial.. but blacks cant be racist, by definition…

  4. Mike J Says:

    of course we (blacks) can be racist, I can’t stand Chinks!

  5. Sam Says:

    Blacks are an odd combination — far too many embrace the politics of Marx, the morality of Caligula, the bigotry of Fred Sanford, George Jefferson, or Archie Bunker, the violence of radical Islamists, and the cynicism of Richard Nixon

  6. saddam hussein Says:

    big fail

  7. Christian Says:

    How my name is Christian, I’m White but way post a site like this. I understand you saying black do more crimes but this is not need.

  8. Hahahahaha Says:

    lol “use a dictionary definition for racism next time”

    Motherfucker, the definition your sociology professor uses for racism isn’t the dictionary definition.

    The dictionary definition is RACIAL PREJUDICE. You stupid cuckboy.

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